Sunday, May 25, 2014


On the gritty corner of 6th and Howard in San Francisco's South of Market area, you will find the final week of a 17 year run of the art installation 'Defenestration' (aka. 'to throw things out the window') in the abandoned Hugo Hotel.

I've passed it countless times over the years and with all the development changes SF has been going through with gentrification and the 'dotconemy', I've wondered how it could still be there when that building and that property must be worth millions (don't be fooled by the ramshackle appearance;  the city paid the owners $4.6 million and acquired it via 'eminent domain'). On the bright side, it's said to be taken over by Mercy Housing (affordable and low income housing), which the city needs - badly.

The Women's Building of San Francisco sent out an update the other day that stated the art installation would be dismantled within the next week (!), the pieces sold off piecemeal.

I had to take a jaunt over there one last time and snap a few photos for myself to remember this slice of San Francisco.

View from the street below

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